Take part in our latest virtual fundraiser – The Deva March

Why not take part individually or get your legion together and take part as a family. Sign up for FREE to let us know you plan to take part so we can keep up to date with your progress. Anyone who raises sponsorship for taking part will receive a special Roman certificate along with one of our special #HospiceHero medals.

What is the Deva March?

We are challenging you to walk the distance of the Chester Roman walls each day during the month of March. A walk around the walls is equivalent to 3km or roughly 4000 steps.

Why should I take part?

Most importantly you will be helping your local Hospice by raising much needed funds during these very challenging times. No matter the amount you are able to raise, every penny makes a big difference. Secondly, you could use this as a great opportunity to teach the family about the history of Chester and the Roman empire (we’ll even send you 31 fun facts, one for each walk). Lastly, it’s a great way to get some of your steps in each day with a real purpose. So why not mix home schooling and exercise into a great way to support our Hospice.