Would you like to share your experiences and views about our hospice and help us improve and develop current and future services?

If YES, please join our Service User Group

What is a Service User Group?

Our Service User Group is a small group of people including patients, carers, friends and/or family members who come together to meet and discuss ways in which The Hospice of the Good Shepherd care is delivered and how it can be improved. Our aim is to ensure that the views and opinions of people whose lives have been affected by a life limiting condition are used for improving people’s care and for shaping future Hospice services.

Who Can Join?

Anyone who has experience of using our Hospice services as a patient, carer, friends and/or family members either currently or in the past 12 months are welcome to join.

When will the Service User Group meet and how often?

The Service User Group has been meeting since January 2020 in The Living Well Centre at the Hospice. The first meeting decided a number of factors, including how often to meet, topics to discuss, structure and so forth.

How To Get Involved?

If you’d like to find out more about joining and contributing to the Service User Group please contact Liz Taylor, Director of Clinical Services on 01244 851091 or email liz.taylor@hospicegs.com.