As well as the palliative care offered by the Hospice in our in-patients beds, we also provide a range of care in our out-patient clinics. Of those who attend these clinics, many have been discharged from a stay at the Hospice and others have been referred by their healthcare professional.

As with all of our services, these out-patient attendances are provided free of charge by experienced, qualified professionals.

Our Clinics

The Hospice of the Good Shepherd provides the following out-patient services:

  • Medical Out-Patient Clinics
  • Complementary therapy sessions
  • Specific rehabilitation can be arranged with our physiotherapy and occupational therapy team

Medical Out-Patients

Our specially trained Hospice Doctor or Hospice Consultant will meet with all patients referred to our out-patients department (either for initial or follow-up appointments).

Clinics are held on various weekdays by our medical team. Patients can attend with their family or carer if required. Each patient’s symptoms and conditions are assessed and monitored.

To ensure seamless delivery of care the out-patients team works closely with all other medical professionals involved in a patient’s care, such as the GP, hospital consultant, Macmillan nurse or district nurse.


GPs and hospital consultants are able to make referrals to our out-patient clinics. Please contact your GP if you think you would benefit from these services.

Complementary Therapy

The Hospice is able to offer a range of complementary therapies to both patients and carers. These therapies are delivered by trained staff and can be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety, thus easing physical pain and assisting symptom control.

If you are a carer you can phone to enquire about booking some complementary therapies. You can find out more about the range of therapies we offer, as well as information on referrals, on our Complementary Therapies page.


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Our physiotherapy and occupational therapy teams are able to assess whether a course of specific rehabilitation is appropriate.

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