Counselling for Adults

The Bereavement Support Service offers one-to-one counselling for adults. Counselling is available to anyone who has lost a family member, friend or other loved one, regardless of time, cause or place of death. Counselling is also available for people affected by life limiting illness.

Counselling is a talking therapy that provides an opportunity for you to talk about your feelings and concerns in a safe and confidential setting. Your Counsellor will listen to you carefully and help you consider your situation, giving you the space to explore feelings and memories. We, the Counsellors, try to listen to what you are really saying, to accept you and respect your feelings. We will not judge what we hear and whilst we won’t tell you what to do, we can help you to make your own informed decisions.

People may find counselling helpful to:

  • explore challenging emotions such as anger or guilt
  • manage physical reactions like sleeping difficulties, lack of concentration, anxiety and panic attacks
  • cope with other crises, pressures or health problems
  • understand and handle changes within families
  • develop their resources and skills to cope with their grief and other difficulties

It is a well-known risk in counselling that sometimes things can feel worse before they get better. Counselling by its very nature requires us to discuss memories, difficulties in relationships and other areas of conflict. Sometimes this can be a painful process, but speaking with someone about it can often prove to be helpful during this difficult time.

If you are interested in counselling, please contact the Bereavement Support Service or call 01244 853193.

There is no charge for the service and if you decide at any time that you have changed your mind and do not wish to proceed or continue with counselling, you can simply let us know and the service will always be available to you again in the future.

A Time to Remember

Those whose loved one has died at the Hospice may wish to attend one of our ‘Time to Remember’ remembrance evenings, which are held in the Hospice spiritual centre. These events are held three times a year in association with our Spiritual Care team. Whether you choose to attend alone, or with family or friends for support, these evenings offer a chance to reflect and remember the person who has died. For more information, please contact the Bereavement Support Service or call 01244 853193.