Lottery Winner – Suzanne Wheeler

Suzanne Wheeler £1000 lottery winner, from Elton

We ask Suzanne a few questions about her lottery win and how she will be spending the money!

Suzanne Wheeler - Winner

Suzanne Wheeler – Winner

Why do you participate in the Hospice Lottery, any personal connection?
I’ve been doing the lottery since my brother passed away 5 years ago in the Hospice. They were just brilliant with him. It’s been coming out through standing order at £2.00 a week and I completely forgotten that it was still set up if I’m honest. The hospice is very close to my heart and so many of my relatives have been taken by cancer so it’s vital I give something back.

What do you plan to do with your money?
We go to Scotland every year and although it was already booked it was amazing to just splash out a little bit and enjoy ourselves even more. I also went on a mad shopping spree and didn’t have to put down anything that wasn’t a necessity for once! Still have some left, and planning to do something sentimental so we will see!

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