Living Well Centre

We have a dedicated team of skilled staff and volunteers whose aim is to help you ‘live well’ and improve your quality of life by working with you to give you informed choices. Our team want to help you to improve symptom management, manage and address individual concerns and enhance your own coping strategies.

The Living Well Centre provides a range of support therapies, including medical, nursing, rehabilitation and well-being support. All are available throughout the year and can be accessed by you.

To really understand what we do here at the centre, and the impact we have on patients, please click on Sam’s Story to find out more.

What our patients say

“It has been very helpful to have someone to talk to each week about how I feel. Good to have someone who listens, understands and cares about me, not just my Mum. Makes me more motivated and positive. It has been useful to take time to think about relaxing and making some changes to my lifestyle. This will benefit me in the future, as well as now, with my own health.“

– Living Well Patient

What our patients say

“Coronavirus has affected every part of our lives, but the hospice is still caring and support its living well patients with new ways of being they’re for us”.

– Living Well Patient

What our patients say

“The weekly zoom coffee and chat meetings, regular welfare calls and complimentary therapy phone sessions have been of huge benefit to me whilst shielding.”

– Living Well Patient

Want to attend the Living Well Centre – How to refer?

To refer to the service, please speak to a Healthcare Professional involved in your care about the Living Well Centre and ask them to contact us direct or complete our referral form by clicking here.

For more information contact the team direct on 01244 851 091 or email

Next Steps

Once we have received a referral, you will be invited to have an initial appointment with a nurse and together we will identify what is important to you and offer you a plan of care that best suits your individual requirements.

Living Well Centre Services

Support During Covid

During these difficult times we are offering individual support by fully trained nurses to help patients/carers emotional needs. We are also offering some courses/therapies remotely.

Complementary Therapy for Patients & Carers

Living Well Day Services

Art & Music Therapy


If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ section by clicking the button below.