Single Donations

We rely heavily on your generosity. Voluntary donations to support the services we are able to offer to people with life-threatening conditions, their families, carers and loved ones.

All of our support is provided free of charge and this year we need to raise almost £5.1 million to deliver our services across Cheshire West and Chester, Deeside and South Wirral.

From £5 to £500 every penny will enable us to provide the best care and support to those that require it, from medical supplies, nursing care and counselling and therapies, to offering education development for our nursing and medical professionals.

Please donate online or by sending a cheque to us at:

Hospice of the Good Shepherd
Gordon Lane

Adding GiftAid to your donation

Please consider making a GiftAid declaration when you donate to the hospice. This enables us to claim back 25p from HMRC for every pound you donate. You can find and print out the form here.

Regular Donations

By regular giving you can make a real difference and help us support the best possible quality of life for the people we care for. Your regular donations would be contributing towards the following:

  • To provide food and drink for a patient in our in-patient unit for one day costs £15
  • An adult counselling session of an hour cost £25
  • A children’s counselling session for an hour costs £50
  • A physiotherapy session for an hour costs £50

By donating regularly on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis is one of the best ways in which you can support our work. The payments are collected automatically, thus cutting our administration costs. It’s really simple to set up, please download the Regular Giving Form and once completed, return to the address above.

If you pay income tax use GiftAid and you can make your donation worth more money. For every pound you give we get an extra 25p from the Inland Revenue.

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