Facebook Fundraisers

Did you know that you can fundraise through your Facebook profile? It’s a fantastic way to encourage your friends, family and colleagues to give to the Hospice of the Good Shepherd in the click of a button.

Facebook donates 100% of the profits to your chosen charity, ensuring that the Hospice of the Good Shepherd received all the funds from your supporters. A Facebook fundraiser can be tailored to your specific ce3lebration. Facebook will also send you a notification around the time of your birthday to encourage you to set up a fundraiser that marks your special day.

Suggested wording for online fundraisers

“For my/our birthday/retirement/wedding/anniversary this year, I am asking for donations to the Hospice of the Good Shepherd. I hope you will consider celebrating my/our special day by giving to this cause which is close to my/our heart/s.

Hospice of the Good Shepherd provides its services free of charge to its patients. Just 20% of the funding they receive comes from statutory sources. The remaining 80% is raised from a range of fundraising activities and the support of their very generous local community in Cheshire and beyond.

Their dedicated team of staff and healthcare professionals aim to meet the unique physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of those with a life-limiting illness, and to help maintain their dignity. They provide specialist palliative care for people with cancer and non-cancer life-limiting illnesses, at all stages of their illness.

By donating you are helping to ensure that end of life care is there for everyone that needs it now and in the future. Thank you for your support!”

How to set up a Facebook Fundraiser

  1. Log into your Facebook account
  2. Click on ‘Fundraisers’ in the left-hand menu on your main news feed.
  3. Click ‘Select Charity’ and then search ‘Hospice of the Good Shepherd’ (please do not select the option which has LTD at the end)
  4. Decide on a fundraising target and timeframe for your fundraiser.
  5. Give your fundraiser a title, such as “Jenny’s birthday fundraiser for Hospice of the Good Shepherd” or “Dave & Rosie’s fundraiser in lieu of wedding gifts”
  6. Tell your friends and family why you have chosen to support us (see suggested wording below)
  7. Lastly, click ‘Create’ and invite all your friends and family to donate!

Do not be afraid to share your fundraiser often with your friends and family. You are giving them the opportunity to contribute to a cause which is important to you. Make sure you also thank people when they donate, you are the reason they are kindly supporting our work.

Lastly, we would like to thank you for setting up your Facebook fundraiser. Unfortunately, Facebook does not provide us with your details so please let us know when you set one up by emailing fundraising@hospicegs.com or by calling 01244 851811.