If you are a large or small business, we can provide a wide range of exciting sponsorship opportunities.

We have a number of fantastic sponsorship opportunities we can offer your company, that will ensure that your company receives fantastic coverage to the participants and community.  You could sponsor one of our brilliant fundraising campaigns or events, many of which are listed here, or there are many other options that can increase your profile across a huge area of potentially new customers to your company.

Top 5 benefits your company can benefit from Sponsorship

  1. Increase brand loyalty – Align your company with Hospice event/ campaign
  2. Brand Differentiation – Let your brand stand out against competitors who don’t support charities
  3. Awareness and Visibility – Coordinating social media partnerships between your company and the Hospice, to promote our association can offer large scale reach new and exciting audiences.
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility – Not only can you showcase your commitment to support your community and customers, but also boost the morale and focus of your staff, that feel a valued member of the business and community.
  5. Client Engagement – Engage with your current or potential clients, in a setting outside of the normal promotional avenues that you would normally explore.

Please don’t hesitate to contact alan.knell@hospicegs.com for more details on event sponsorships.