Nurses taking part in Cheshire Hospices Education at The Hospice of the Good Shepherd


Cheshire Hospices Education (CHE) was started in 1998 as a joint hospice venture to support and enhance the quality of life and care for patients and families far beyond what is possible within the bricks and mortar of one hospice

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CHE serves a large population of health and social care workers and professional carers across Cheshire and beyond.  In 2010, 1250 health and social care staff attended programmes of education, adding up to a total of 1813 attendances.

This education includes academic study through the BSc (Hons) Professional Studies (Supportive and Palliative Care) and professional development through a variety of study days and workshops. As well as education delivered within a physical building, CHE outreaches education into a range of health and social care settings, supporting and facilitating learning in less conventional education environments which, in turn is able to influence large numbers of practitioners. This is important because learning and development does not only take place in a classroom setting but can also take place in an extensive range of care settings, working alongside care staff, both individually and in groups.

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The range of education provided is broad and aims to meet the exacting requirements of practitioners, managers and service-users. The work carried out by CHE in relation to the Facilitation of End of Life Tools in all care settings has been a major aspect of CHE’s portfolio of education this year.

Students undertaking academic courses work hard to gain qualifications in professional studies in palliative care and there are some great examples from previous students to show that this has been put into practice. The students go on to use their new knowledge and skills to have a direct impact on the quality of people’s life at different points in their illness journey. The impact on people’s care is not only as a result of academic programmes but also through outreach work with the End of Life Care Service Model and close links to Macmillan specialists, Allied Health Professionals and social care providers.

This education includes academic study through the newly developed PostGraduate Certificate in Palliative and End of Life Care or a BSc (Hons) Professional Studies Degree (Supportive and Palliative Care) as well as a wide range of professional development opportunities through a variety of study days and workshops.

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